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CIT: Counselors in Training

Our CIT program offers teens ages 13 – 15 the opportunity to dive into their favorite fandoms (or learn about new ones) while practicing skills to be an effective leader.

Summer 2024 will offer CITs more opportunities to be in their own group and help out behind the scenes of Quests and activities. 

CITs can make a big difference in the camp experience – offering campers additional support to complete crafts, play games, and learn to work together as a team. CITs straddle the line between campers and staff, which is reflected in the lower tuition.

We only take 10 CITs each week and typically sell out.

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CIT Counselor
This year CITs will have their own group and more choice how they participate: hands on with younger campers, prepping materials, activity set up, and behind the scenes with props, & Quests.
Daily Schedule
If you were with us last year, alot will be the same, but we did make some changes as we grow and improve.
Become a Camp Expert
Be in the know on the surprises in store for the younger campers. Offer your ideas to make magic and enhance our themes.
Learn How Our Quests Work
Campers love to interact with our costumed characters and knowing how to help them complete their Quests is super important. Quests are what make SQDC a camp like no other!
Learn a Few New Games
Work hard / Play hard is how we roll at SQDC. You may also get rolled over by a giant 5ft tall soccer ball!
Make a Difference
So many of our campers tell us that camp is the one place they can be themselves and CITs are a big part of that! The younger campers look up to our teen CITs.
Perks of being a CIT

Our camp strives to be a place where campers can be themselves, away from the pressures of everyday life. This is reflected in a large number of our campers returning year after year.

Camp is the ultimate safe space – come as you are, learn as you go, and use your powers for good.

CITs will have more choices how they participate. CITs are often called to help with:

  • Prop set up & hiding clues
  • Help campers enjoy & complete activities
  • Wear costumes and play a role in Quests
  • Learn the rules of a game ahead of time so you can help campers play
  • Support counselors with their group when they need extra hands
  • Be a leader to younger campers when they need one-on-one help
  • Help pull off camper surprises


All CITs attend a training session before camp starts. This allows you to get to know us, our camp, and know what to expect at your sessions. 

During your session, we will work on:

  • Understand your own strengths
  • How to teach a game effectively
  • Group management
  • What to do in an emergency
  • Creating community and a positive experience
  • and more

CITs straddle the line between campers and paid counselors, which is reflected in our discounted tuition.


The role of a CIT is to proactively help the younger campers be successful with scheduled activities – games, crafts, stories, and puzzles. And while that is happening, you are figuring out how to be a leader, friend, and coworker.

Sometimes campers feel unsure or even scared to try something new. They can get very frustrated when a project is not working out. CITs can reassure them that we are all learning and with just a little help, they can be successful. With a few kind words and some hands-on support, those campers walk away feeling confident. And they often carry those positive feelings with them through the rest of camp and beyond. Kindness matters!

Step up with an idea and see it’s lasting impact on our program and campers.

CITs are encouraged to share their ideas – either to help solve a problem or just to help make more magic for our campers.

Not every teenager gets excited about IRL Mario Kart game or wearing a Pokémon costume to the final battle. We totally get it, but if you are into it, these things and more are par for the course at SQDC. From the owners, down to the littlest camper, we come together every summer to geek out on many of the fandoms we love.

Do you have to know everything about Mario or Percy Jackson to enjoy?
Absolutely not! Each week is based around one of these fandoms, but in the end, it’s all just treasure hunts, games, and adventurous fun that anyone could enjoy.

With the Camp Owners on site every day, CITs will get a look at what it takes to runs a summer camp and bring to life all the adventure our campers enjoy every day.

Make no mistake about it – it can be hard work – but it is also some of the most fulfilling work we have done.

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