Counselor in Training (Teen CIT)

Counselor in Training
Leadership Program for Ages 13 - 15

Summer 2023 CIT
Session Info Coming Soon

The Counselor in Training program is for teens ages 13-15 that are too old for camp and not old enough to be a counselor. 

This program is geared to develop leadership skills and basic understanding of camp operations, with participation behind the scenes to enhance the camper experience. We look forward to utilizing your unique skills!  

Your job is to learn how to be an active leader and participate in activities with campers, while providing appropriate supervision. This is a special opportunity to work with and observe seasoned counselors, grow as individuals, learn crucial skills about caring for children and most importantly HAVE FUN!  

It will be a summer you won’t soon forget!

What makes a great CIT?

• Interested in being a leader and making a difference

• Respect for all people with an appreciation for diversity

• Ability to have fun while trying new things and encourage others to do the same


  1. Register for the session(s) you are interested in
  2. Fill out CIT application before Orientation on June 16th
  3. Email one non-family member recommendation letter (from your email addy or theirs)
  4. Attend Orientation on June 16th from 9am – 4pm

Summer 2023 Themes
Details coming Soon!

CITs will enjoy all the activities for each theme, including creating costume accessories and props, along side the campers. You may be asked to assist behind-the-scenes to make camper quests and other surprises successful, even being part of the storyline sometimes.

CIT Tuition is $250 per week • Space is Limited
Screenshot of Mario's mushroom kingdom

Mario's Mushroom Kingdom

Let’s a go! Jump into the Mushroom Kingdom with Mario, Luigi and the rest of the gang.

Mutiny & Mermaids

Campers can be marooned pirates or mythical merfolk, with some activities overlapping.

Legends of the Kingdom

Adventure awaits with Link & Zelda this summer. Archery, slingshots, ruppees and more!

Master Trainers

Catch 'em all! Evolve your group Pokémon, compete at gyms, and battle to collect cards.

Galaxy Wars

Knights of the Republic, grab your light-up sabers and join the fight!

Camp Half-Blood

Mythology and Demigods take the stage as we explore the world of the Percy Jackson series.

Into the FaeWilds

Explore nature and the secrets it holds with tree spirits, fae, sprites, and other magic!

Survive the Apocolypse

Campers take refuge, practicing survival skills and conducting vaccine experiments.

Witchcraft & Wizardry

Your letter to Greystone is arriving by owl! Attend magical classes, concoct potions, & learn spells.

COVID Safety

The health & safety of campers & staff is always our number one priority.  >> Learn more

No Risk Registration

Reserve your spot at camp for just $50 and cancel anytime before May 1.

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CIT tuition

Each week of camp is $225. Camp runs daily, 9am – 4pm.

Seasonal PromoS

Discounts may be available. Contact us and we can send you the current promo code.

Financial Aid

Scholarship funds may be available.  Please contact us for more information.

Our Location

Summer Quests Day Camp is located within the Musser Scout Reservation in Camp Delmont at the Nelson Training Center.  

The Musser Scout Reservation is part of the largest contiguous forest in Southeastern Pennsylvania and offers our campers, hiking trails, activity pavilions, and a lake, as well as a long history of connecting kids with nature.