2024 Sessions

We still have openings in most sessions!

New For 

Summer 2024

  • Three new themes
  • Afternoon snack will be provided
  • Revamped CIT program
  • New Preschool Campers program
  • More Afternoon Choice options

Do I need to be a superfan to attend? 
Absolutely not! Each week is based around a theme, but it’s all just treasure hunts, games, and adventurous fun that anyone could enjoy.

Revamped program allows for more choices to lead campers, run activities, and help behind the scenes!

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Campers ages 3-5 will enjoy a dedicated staff member, along with creative projects, games, and water play. All campers must be potty trained. >>Learn More    >>Register

Collect resources in a world made of blocks to improve your pickaxe from wood to the more powerful diamond, then try to defeat the dragon! 

Spots left:
Camper – 9
CIT – 4
Preschool – 0


Collect cards, battle friends, & race to save our monster sidekicks from the diabolical duo, ending with a live interactive battle!

Short week with reduced tuition! Create your alter ego and use your new super powers to defeat the evil trying to take over the world. 

Spots left:
Camper – 20
CIT – 3
Preschool – 0


Enter wizard school where we shop Diagon Ally, take magical classes, explore the forbidden forest, and play Quidditch.

Spots left:
Camper – 15
CIT – 3
Preschool – 0


Mythology and Demigods level up skills with archery, capture the flag to defeat legendary beasts.

Spots left:
Camper – 15
CIT – 1
Preschool – 3


Make your own kart, hunt dotted eggs, and compete in life-sized Party games, then work to defeat that shelled menace!

Spots left:
Camper – 14
CIT – 2
Preschool – 0


Dragons will choose their rider & will be watching cadets train through obstacle courses, puzzles, and dragon lore.

Spots left:
Camper – 17
CIT – 2
Preschool – 1


Work to save the woodland home of magical creatures and if successful, celebrate with a rainbow of messy fun! If your kiddo loves to dig in the dirt and climb trees, this is the session for them!

Spots left:
Camper – 1
CIT – 2
Preschool – 2


Collect cards, battle friends, and race to save our monster sidekicks from the diabolical duo, ending with a live interactive battle! (This session will be the same program as the June session.) 

Spots left:
Camper – 14
CIT – 5
Preschool – 0


Search for a cure to save everyone from the zombie outbreak. Outdoor survival and crafting weapons will be key to our success.

Spots left:
Camper – 21
CIT – 3
Preschool – 0


Camp Details & Info


Campers $375 | CITs $275 | Preschool Campers $325

Note – Week 3: Superhero Boot Camp is a short week with adjusted tuition due to the July 4th holiday

  • Sign up for one week or as many as you would like.
  • At this time we do not offer part time day camp or transportation.


• Pay in full

• Pay $50 deposit, balance will be automatically charged to the card on file on May 1

• Pay $50 deposit, automatic monthly payments, any remaining balance charged on May 1.


• Before May 1, full refund

• After May 1: if we can fill your spot, receive a full refund less the deposit

• May 2 – June 1: receive a 50% refund less deposit

• After June 2: no refunds are given


Seasonal discounts may be available. Contact us and we will send you the current promo code.

Brand New for Summer 2024

We have expanded our program to include a small group of campers ages 3-5. These campers will enjoy a dedicated staff member, a separate group space, creative activities, games, free play, and more.

Preschool campers will enjoy an altered version of our themed activities when it is not age appropriate for them to participate with the rest of camp. This will be a small group, offering lots of flexibility with the schedule and activities.

  • Campers must be potty trained
  • Very limited availability (just 5 spots per session)
  • No extended care available
  • $325 per week

Please view details on each session above to see current openings for Campers, Preschool, and CIT

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Absolutely not!

Each week is based around a theme, but in the end it’s all just treasure hunts, games, like-minded friends, and adventurous fun that anyone could enjoy.

We have had campers attend wizard week who had only read Harry Potter once. We don’t gatekeep here! We want to enjoy the fandoms we love with anyone else who is interested.


Drop off as early as 8:50 and pick up as late as 4:10 with no additional fees.


Before Camp: Drop off as early as 8am • $20
After Camp: Pick up as late as 5:30pm • $30
Per camper, per session


Preschool campers are ages 3-5

Campers are ages 6 – 12
We strive to break out as ages 6-7, ages 8-9, ages 10-12, but this is not always possible based on registrations.

CITs (Counselors in Training) are ages 13-15

We understand that every child is unique and that you know your child best. 


Campers can request to be in a group with a friend or sibling provided:

• they are the same age or within one year
• both campers request each other on their Camper Info Form by May 15
We are a small camp, with just 60 campers each week and we come together as a group most mornings for announcements, as well as the afternoons for pick up. Siblings and friends will see each other many times throughout the day.
Due to the logistics of staffing, group size, and scheduled activities, we may not be able to honor friend requests that are submitted after May 15. If your camper has a special situation, please reach out to discuss BEFORE the start of your camp session (Monday morning can be hectic each week as we get started with new themes and campers).


We have successfully worked with campers with separation anxiety, ADHD, Autism, physical limitations, medication schedules, and many other needs. Our session themes tend to be popular with campers who are neurodivergent, however, it is important to note that we are not a special needs camp.

We believe that simply “surviving” or “getting through” camp is not the experience we should accept for our campers or our staff.

Campers Unable to Participate
If your camper cannot participate in at least 80% of the scheduled group activities, be accommodated with a mutually beneficial solution, or is negatively impacting the success of  the group, we will be in contact with the parents to work out a plan. 
One on One & Additional Supports
If your child has supports at school it is likely they will need the same at camp. We are not staffed to provide this level of support and encourage you to secure assistance as needed. That said, we have had success with some campers who had support at school, but did well without that support at camp. Please contact us to discuss your unique situation.
If your child takes medication daily to attend school, it is likely they will also need this medication to be successful at camp. If you choose to not medicate your child while at camp, please let us know on their Camper Info Form.
Gender & Identity
We do not discuss gender and/or identity with the campers and our staff are trained to actively and respectfully redirect the conversation around sensitive topics, just as we would if they were discussing a scary movie, drinking, politics, etc.
Based on best practices and guidelines provided by the American Association of Pediatrics and the American Camping Association, staff will use whatever name and pronouns your child prefers. 
Please see our Parent Handbook for our full policy and feel free to contact us with any questions.

Have a sleepover at camp!

Offered during 4 sessions this summer, campers stay at camp on Thursday, eat dinner, sleep in tents, and go home after camp on Friday.

  • Ages 8+
  • Campers will sleep in tents near HQ, choosing who they bunk with
  • Counselors will be nearby in their own tent
  • Campers can change clothes and brush teeth in the HQ bathrooms
  • Included: dinner, snacks, drinks, breakfast, and a packed lunch for Friday
  • Activities vary based on camper interest, but could include playing Manhunt, flashlight hikes, campfire, and maybe even a few surprises
  • Space is limited depending on staff availability
  • Cost is $55

Offered during:

    Master Trainers 1 in June
    Greystone Academy
    Dragon Riders
    Zombie Apocalypse

Campers should bring a backpack each day containing: 

• Packed lunch marked with name
   Nothing that needs refrigeration or heat ups
  Pack an afternoon snack if your camper doesn’t want what we provide
• Refillable water bottle marked with name
  Not too large as the campers will carry them all day long
• Sunscreen marked with name
• Bug spray marked with name
• Wear closed toed, sturdy shoes
• Dress for the weather – camp goes on rain or shine
  If rain is predicted, rain boots or hiking boots are highly encouraged. The area can be very wet/muddy. If rain boots are not available, please pack a change of shoes and socks.  Knee socks are ideal so tall rain boots don’t rub on the leg.
• And a separate bag for water play containing:
     Bathing suit
     Flip flops, water shoes, or other easy  slip ons
Every day in the afternoon, campers will have two sessions of camper choice.  Activity options will change daily, and could include, but is not limited to:
  • Creative & craft projects
  • Water Play (slip & slide, water balloons, etc)
  • Gaga ball
  • Archery
  • Laser tag
  • Stick forts
  • Wiffle ball
  • Board games
  • Hiking
  • Spikeball
  • Chess
  • Perler beads
  • Turtle Time (reading, coloring, etc)
  • Lego
  • Marble run
  • and more!
No need to send in items from home for this period, we have plenty of options for campers to choose from each day. Campers are welcome to request activities at drop off each day and we will take their requests into account whenever possible.
All campers, CITs, and preschool campers must have a completed Camper Info Form on file by May 15. No child may attend camp without it.
Parents/Guardians are encouraged to share any information that would allow staff to better care for your child.  We believe that simply “surviving” or “getting through” camp is not the experience we should accept for our campers or our staff. The better we know your child, the better experience they will have!

Applications for 2024 Scholarships have Closed.

Application Process:

1. Register
Please register and pay the $50 deposit for the session your camper would like to attend (including extended care if you need it). Please choose the payment option to pay the balance on May 1.  In an effort to bring as many kids to camp as we can, campers may apply for a scholarship for 1 session before May 15.

2. Submit Application
Fill out a scholarship application. You will be contacted by March 15. 

3. Accept/Decline
If you accept the scholarship amount, your balance due will be adjusted and then automatically charged to the card on file on May 1 or we can set up a custom payment plan.

If the scholarship amount doesn’t work for you or you need to cancel for any other reason, let us know before May 1 for a full refund.

4. Additional Weeks
If there are open camper spots in any week after May 15, your scholarship offer can be used for those weeks as well. 

No Risk Registration

Register now and change later if you need to

It’s hard to know what your plans will be so far in advance – we get it. Reserve your spot at camp with a $50 deposit per session.

Cancel anytime before May 1 – for any reason – and receive a full refund.