We still have openings in most sessions!

Summer Quests
Day Camp

A themed weekly day camp where your camper is the hero!

A Summer Day Camp Like No Other!

Ages 6 - 12 • Teen CIT Ages 13 - 15 • Preschool Ages 3-5

Creative kids join forces to complete an imaginative adventure living out their favorite stories in the wilds of Green Lane.

Every week campers embark on a unique journey, with other kids just like them, campaigning together from challenge to victory!

Why Choose SQDC?

Our program is unique.

Working together, campers will solve riddles, complete challenges, and explore other mysteries to find important clues for that weeks Quest. These clues will lead campers on an adventure that includes scavenger hunts, building projects, costume and prop creation, science experiments, games, and much more. In the end, they will complete the Quest and celebrate victoriously!

New for 2024 >> afternoon snack provided, preschool campers (ages 3-5), revamped CIT program, & more afternoon choice options

Creative Program

We allow kids to express themselves openly and delve deep into the stories that fuel their imaginations. Our activities encourage creativity, explore STEM topics, teach team building, and encourage physical activity.

Quality Staff

Our staff are fun, friendly, caring, and understand the importance of both safety and responsibility. We assure that every camper has the best possible experience and form meaningful relationships that last into summers to come!

Challenge by Choice

We offer campers the opportunity to flex their autonomy and practice decision making with “Challenge by Choice”. We encourage everyone to try their best and to stretch outside their comfort zone, when they are ready.

Find Your Tribe

Our program relies on campers working together and we take care to nurture a tight knit group - creating a safe space, exploring each others strengths, coming together through a challenge, and finally securing group victory!


Your campers safety is always our number one priority. From sunblock and staying hydrated, to comprehensive staff training, we care for your campers as though they were our own children.

Unplug & Connect

Taking a break from screen time leads to increased patience, independence and creativity, as well as reduces stress. Give your camper the chance to fully engage with other campers, staff, and nature.

We are looking for a new home for Summer 2025

Dec 2023 – Property Update! It has been a busy fall & holiday season for us as move through this process of purchasing property. We are actively working with a realtor and as I’m sure you can guess, these things take way longer than you would like them to.

As we continue to work on that, all Summer 2024 sessions will be held at our regular location in Camp Delmont. We are in regular contact with the Staff there and as far as we know, there are no updates to the sale of that property at this time.

If we cannot hold sessions at Delmont because the sale progresses and we can not find another suitable location, all tuition paid can be refunded, so please don’t hesitate to register!

We know that if we all work together, we can make it work for one more year and have an awesome summer. We will be sure to update you as we learn anything new. Thank you for your patience as we figure this out!

Talk soon – 
Joni & Jess

We still have openings in most sessions!

The Reviews Are In

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My son has never been a big fan of camp. Until now! I drove him 40 minutes to go to Star Wars camp because I had a feeling it would be something special. Boy was I right! He was a CIT and loved the camp, the counselors, and the campers. His goal is to go back for several weeks next summer as a CIT, and then become a full-fledged counselor. Wonderful camp with a lasting impact.
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What a great experience for my kids! This camp and as unique, creative, and so much fun. They made swords, went on quests that taught them kindness, courage, and creativity, learned archery skills, and rescued baby dragons, and we're knighted at the end of their week. Both of my kids are begging to go back next summer, and do try some of the other themed weeks also. This camp is a huge hit and I'm so glad we found them! Thank you for being awesome!
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What a fun start to summer!! We had two campers join Summer Quests (ages 6 & 8) for the first session (Blackbeard’s Crew)… and they LOVED it! They were safe and busy all day… playing and creating, storytelling and exploring… all outside (with plenty of shade) with an Air-conditioned break mid-day. Our pirates came home every day very happy and full of stories to share. Kids are grouped according to their own age group but are exposed to the whole group of kids (which we loved, since it gave them a chance to interact with older kids as well). Location is private and there is so much to explore. We highly recommend!!
Upper Perk Gaming
Upper Perk Gaming
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Just want to let folks know how awesome this camp is. We’ve sent our 3 kids every year since they opened, and it has become their favorite part of summer by far. The camp is smart, creative and fun. The staff is on point. If this were just a summer camp, that would be enough for me, but my kids always seem to come away from their time here as just a little better as people than they were when they started. So it’s fair to say that your kids will have a great time and might even grow as people too.

No Risk Registration

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Reserve your spot at camp with a $50 deposit per session.

Cancel anytime before May 1 – for any reason – and receive a full refund. >>Tuition Policy

2024 CIT Program

New for 2024: spend more time with other CITs and helping behind the scenes!

CITs (Counselors in Training, Ages 13 – 15) are needed for every session throughout the summer, with a maximum of 10 accepted each week.

Both Camper & Leader

CITs straddle the line between campers and staff, similar to an intern-like position, which is reflected in the lower tuition.

Perks of being a CIT

CITs may help with special all-camp games as well as behind the scenes during Quest activities.

We still have openings in most sessions!

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