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Summer Quests is a themed weekly day camp in Green Lane, PA where your camper is the hero!

Creative kids ages 6-14 join forces to complete an imaginative adventure living out their favorite stories in the wilds of Green Lane.  Every week campers embark on a unique journey, with other kids just like them, campaigning together from challenge to victory!

Knight Day Camp - Boy is knighted,tapped on shoulders with sword in the woods
Knights of the Dragon Realm
Wildcraft Forest Adventure
Blackbeard's Crew
Down the Rabbit Hole: Librarians Quest
Fairy Day Camp - Wildcraft - Firest School
Fairy Trails Woodland Adventure
Hero Adventures Trip Week

“This was an awesome camp - my 9 year old told me it was the most fun he has ever had at summer camp! Very interactive and creative play, with fun themes every week! I will definitely send him again next summer!”

– Beth Mehaffey, Summer 2019, Google Review



Every summer camp theme will come alive with costumes and props!  Campers will complete many themed projects that can be taken home and enjoyed after camp like a pirate/knight sword, a wizard broom, or fairy wings.

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At Summer Quests Day Camp, we don’t just go for a hike, we embark on a mission!

A game allows the wizards in training to practice with their wands and a craft provides the campers with a tool they need to move forward in their adventure.

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Unplug & Connect

Campers will engage with the theme during high quality activities, actively participate in moving ahead in the story, connect with fellow campers, and learn a few things along the way.

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