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Which of our sessions interests you the most? There are so many fantastic cay camp adventures to choose from!


Learn more about what makes SQDC unique.  We guarantee your kids have never been to a camp like ours.


Several activities will be included in your packet including a secret message, if you can figure out the clues!

Packets will arrive 2-3 weeks after your request.

Free • No Obligation • Ages 6 – 14 • One per Family • Mailing address must be within 1 hour of Green Lane Park

Summer cam program benefits of One Week at Summer Quests Day Camp

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    Summer Quests is a themed weekly day camp in Green Lane, PA where your camper is the hero!

    Creative kids ages 6-14 join forces to complete an imaginative adventure living out their favorite stories in the wilds of Green Lane Park.  Every week campers embark on a unique journey, with other kids just like them, campaigning together from challenge to victory!

    Knight Day Camp - Boy is knighted,tapped on shoulders with sword in the woods
    Knights of the Dragon Realm
    Day Camp wizards posing in front of tree with whomping willow sign
    Wizard Academy
    Fantasy Day Camp - Percy Jackson, Alice in Wonderland, Artemis Fowl, Lord of the Rings, Hungar Games
    Down the Rabbit Hole
    Blackbeard's Crew
    Dungeons & Dragons Day Camp - D20 Dice
    Dungeons & Dragons
    Hero Adventures