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Give the gift of an adventure filled, magical summer!

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Instead of buying something this holiday season – give the gift of camp! 

Summer Quests is a themed weekly day camp where your camper is the hero!  

Creative kids ages 6-14 join forces to complete an imaginative adventure living out their favorite stories in the wilds of Green Lane Park.  Every week campers embark on a unique journey, with other kids just like them, campaigning together from challenge to victory!

It’s a gift that will:

•  Never break

•  Never Need New Batteries

• ​Never Wear Out over time

• And you will never have to ask for it to be cleaned up!

Significant research proves that when children attend summer camp and are given the chance to connect with nature while disconnecting from technology they gain so much:

          • Interpersonal Growth

          • Social Skills

          • Character Development

          • Leadership Skills

Summer Quests Day Camp offers campers the chance to try new things in a supportive environment and challenge themselves to move beyond their comfort zone. Campers take these new skills with them throughout the rest of their lives – adults who attended camp as children report that their camp experiences have had a significant positive impact on their lives.

On top of all that, Summer Quests Day Camp is a fun filled experience that a child will never forget!

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