Most frequent questions and answers

We understand the future feels uncertain, but we know how much kids and parents need the connection of camp!  With the help of the ACA (American Camp Association), we have a plan to make camp happen even if the current situation remains largely the same for Summer 2021 – we just need you.

In light of the current pandemic and recognizing that it is impossible to completely predict how things will look months from now, we’ve chosen to prepare for the worst case scenario: that conditions for Summer 2021 are largely the same as they were for this past summer. (Although we’re hopeful that things will improve!) 

We’re sharing this information with you in the spirit of full disclosure: we want you to know what you’re signing up for. If things improve, it’s very likely that we will be able to expand our capacity and curtail or even eliminate some of these policies. Our first priority is always the health, safety, & happiness of our campers and staff.

Small Groups
Campers will be in a small group and with the same campers & staff every day.

Outdoor Program
Our program will take place largely outdoors, in the fresh air and sunshine, as recommended by the ACA and the CDC.  We will double our efforts to ensure our campers are safe from the heat & the sun with shady program areas, frequent water breaks, and the application of sun screen.  Additionally, we will add water play anytime we feel everyone needs a cool down.

Face Coverings
Masks will be worn by all campers and staff anytime we are inside or when social distancing is not possible.

Sanitizing Supplies/Individual Supplies
All campers will have a bin of supplies for them to use during various projects.  Any supplies that cannot be individual, will be sanitized between uses.

Hand Washing/Hand Sanitizer
When possible, campers will wash their hands between every activity period and before eating.  If a hand washing area is not available, hand sanitizer will be used.

Social Distancing
We will be eliminating or altering any program or game that requires campers to be in close contact with each other.  Social distancing guidelines will be followed as much as possible.

Temperature Checks
All campers and staff will take part in a temperature check upon arrival and at lunch.  Any temperature over 99.9 will be rechecked in 15min.  If the raised temp remains, the camper or staff member will be quarantined until they can be transported home. 

Health Screening
Campers and staff will be asked to self screen for these symptoms each day before arriving at camp:  Fever greater than 99.9F or chills, cough, shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, fatigue, muscle or body aches, headache, new loss of taste or smell, sore throat, congestion or runny nose, nausea or vomiting, and diarrhea. Reminders will be provided for campers and staff.

Should anyone be sent home, quarantined, or test positive, all campers and staff will be notified via email and text message.

Individualized Approach
One bonus of coming to a very small camp like Summer Quests, is the ease in which we can execute these policies, as well as change them as needed based on the needs of our individual campers.  Larger camps are unable to offer this. Please feel free to contact us anytime should you have any questions, concerns, or special needs.

Campers should be at least 6 years old, entering first grade in September 2020.  Most of our camp sessions are for campers up to age 12 (entering grade 7 in September 2021). 

Two of our specialty programs welcome campers up to age 14 – Dungeons & Dragons Day Camp, as well as Hero Adventures All Trip Day Camp.

Summer Quests Day Camp is located within the Musser Scout Reservation in Camp Delmont at the Nelson Training Center.  

The Musser Scout Reservation is part of the largest contiguous forest in Southeastern Pennsylvania and offers our campers, hiking trails, activity pavilions, and a lake, as well as a long history of connecting kids with nature.

New for Summer 2022, we will offer three camper levels each week: Ages 6 – 8, Ages 9-10, and Ages 11-12.  This will allow campers to work to their abilities and spend time with like-minded kids. Campers will have the opportunity to spend time with other groups occasionally and if you have a request to have siblings or friends together, we can usually accommodate your request.

We are happy to offer promo codes and discounts whenever possible.

They can be limited to certain dates and sessions, depending on availability.

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Nope! Each theme can be enjoyed by anyone – expert or novice. We will always work to ensure all campers get the most enjoyment out of their time at Summer Quests Day Camp and would love the opportunity to introduce new stories and characters to campers!

If you are in need of extended care, please check the box on your registration form so we can follow up. If we are unable to meet your needs, you can get a full refund before May 1.

We expect to have more information after the new year.

If you are in need of transportation, please check the box on your registration form so we can follow up. If we are unable to meet your needs, you can get a full refund before May 1.

We expect to have more information after the new year.

We ask each camper bring a backpack and packed lunch each day to camp, plus an afternoon snack, water bottle, bathing suit, towel, sunscreen, plastic bag for wet items, and an optional book to read (or other turtle time activity) – no other special equipment is needed.

Note: we do not have the ability to heat up or refrigerate lunches.

We do offer an area for each camper to leave items overnight if they wish.

Programs and activities are rain or shine, so please dress and pack accordingly – extra shoes and socks or rainboots, for example.

Campers should wear sturdy shoes with a heel strap (no flip flops) and comfortable clothing that won’t get in the way of play or projects. 

Our program is active and action packed, so we request nothing should be worn or brought to camp that cannot get dirty.

Programs and activities are rain or shine, so please dress and pack accordingly – extra shoes and socks or rainboots, for example.

After lunch everyday campers will have 15-30 minutes of quiet time to read. This gives everyone a break from the group and allows us to come back to the afternoon activities refreshed.

Campers will be asked to select 2-3 books from our library on Monday and they will remain with that camper throughout the week, or your camper can bring a book/magazine from home .

If your camper would prefer not to read, they may bring a small activity that is independent and quiet, with limited pieces.

Due to the storyline driven program we offer, campers are often disappointed to be picked up early or to miss days of camp.  Activities build throughout the week, culminating on Friday morning/early afternoon.  Due to this, it is not recommended that campers are picked up on Friday’s before 1pm.