Your kids have never been
to a camp like ours!

Why choose us?

Our program is unique.

Working together, campers will solve riddles, complete challenges, and explore other mysteries to find important clues for that weeks Quest. These clues will lead campers on an adventure that includes scavenger hunts, building projects, costume and prop creation, science experiments, games, and much more. In the end, they will complete the Quest and celebrate victoriously!

Our LARP friendly day camp program includes all the adventure of our favorite stories and fairy tales, encouraging imaginative play and building confidence.

We don’t require our campers to stick to a rigid itinerary each day.  Instead we prefer a more organic schedule, where campers have a say in what they do and when.  This allows us to dive deep into any area that is of interest!

What makes us special?


We offer a safe space allowing kids to express themselves openly and delve deep into the stories that fuel their imaginations.

Our activities:

• Encourage Creativity

• Explore STEM

• Teach Team Building

• Encourage Physical Activity


All campers are welcome into our program just as they are. We offer campers the opportunity to flex their autonomy and practice decision making with “Challenge by Choice”. We expect all campers to add value to each activity, but we understand that not all campers are created equal.

We encourage everyone to try their best and to stretch outside their comfort zone, when they are ready to try.


Your campers safety is always our number one priority. From sunblock and staying hydrated, to comprehensive staff training, we care for your campers as though they were our own children.

Quality Staff

Summer Quests Day Camp is committed to providing a day camp experience like no other – and our staff has the biggest impact on a camper’s summer. Our staff are fun, friendly, and caring yet understand the importance of both safety and responsibility. We only hire staff that are committed to our Core Values and Philosophy – assuring that every camper has the best possible day camp experience. Because our staff spends each day supporting, nurturing, teaching and interacting with campers, they form meaningful relationships with our campers and each other. 


Our program relies on the campers working together and we take special care to nurture the formation of a tight knit group. From creating a safe space on day one to exploring each others strengths and weakness, all the way to coming together through a challenge, and finally securing group victory! Your camper will enjoy the themed projects, but they will always remember the friends they made!

Unplug & Connect

Taking a break from screen time leads to increased patience, independence, and creativity as well as reduces stress. Give your camper the chance to fully engage with other campers, staff,and nature.

A Day in the Life

Every program is unique, depending on the theme and the campers, but here is a peak at what a typical day at Summer Quests Day Camp might look like!

Our LARP friendly day camp program allows kids to dive deep into imagination!

  • Pirate flag flying proud.

    Come on in!

    Find your cubby and drop off your stuff. Take a look around at all the themed props and decorations!  Keep an eye out for clues.....

  • Pirate crew decides their pirate code.

    Even Pirates need a code to live by....

    After some time getting to know each other, we kick off the week's activities by creating a code of conduct. This enables us to redirect behavior when needed and ensures everyone is treated fairly.

  • Mailbox with Clue for Blackbeard's Crew

    You've got mail!

    Next we introduce our infamous mailbox. It is here that the campers will be introduced to the story, earn rewards, move ahead when they complete missions, and get help from other players in the story.

  • Blackbeard's Crew goes on scavenger hunt to retrieve the Captains gear.

    Campers jump into their first mission - rain or shine!

    Once campers check the mailbox and find information about their first mission, they will be very excited to get started.  So much so that we don't let a little rain get in the way of our fun.

  • Blackbeards crew create custom foam swords.

    Sword Making for the Victorious

    Since we completed the challenge, we head back to the great room to get started on crafting our unique foam swords.

  • Blackbeards crew sword fight with homemade swords.

    Safety first!

    Next we learn some sword fighting techniques as well as the safety rules.

  • Blackbeard's Crew eatting a picnic lunch during a quest.

    Lunch time

    Campers find a comfy spot and fuel up for a fun-filled afternoon.  After lunch we take a few minutes for Turtle Time - quiet time that allows our brains to refuel for the afternoon as well!

  • Blackbeard's Crew checks clues and puts together part of the final treasure map.

    It's a Clue!

    Campers decide when to check the mailbox and even though we were right there the whole time, somehow new mail showed up in the mailbox!  Campers are thrilled to learn they earned part of the Treasure Map.  Map pieces are collected and examined throughout the week.  I hope we can earn them all so we can go look for the treasure!

  • Camper's created treasure maps for their friends.

    I can get you there I bet, I'm the map

    After we examined the map piece and the note that came along with it VERY carefully, we head outside to learn a little about how maps work. Then each camper creates their own map,complete with a small hidden treasure, for their friends to follow.

  • Camper pulls back the water balloon launcher ready to fire.


    We finish up the afternoon with some water balloon fun!  A camper favorite is this water balloon slingshot which can send a balloon all the way to the other side of the building!  I wonder if a new challenge has shown up in our mailbox for tomorrow.....

Risk-Free Day Camp Registration

Reserve your spot for just $50.  Cancel anytime before May 1 without penalty.