Knight Day Camp - Boy is knighted,tapped on shoulders with sword in the woods

medieval summer camp program – Crusade to Camelot – Knights, Dragons, and Merlin’s Magic

I have always been a big fan of the Medieval time period or at least the glamorized version shown to us in movies and tv. I don’t know if it’s the simplicity of the time or the draw of large castles and fancy clothing, but something has always spoke to me. This made choosing this theme for camp an easy decision. 

Our medieval summer camp program allows campers to train to be a knight, create a custom shield and sword, try archery, compete in an epic tournament – who wouldn’t want to experience this week of camp!

I wanted to make sure girls felt welcome to come this week, since historically knights can only be boys, but girls at Summer Quests Day Camp will never be the damsel in distress! We like to consider our girls to be Damsels in Defense – just as capable as their male counter-parts.

I have started working on the quest for this summer camp program and am super excited to share it with our campers! Campers who attend our medieval summer camp program will learn that a wicked enchantress has taken over the kingdom and cast an evil spell over 5 Master Knights. We need the campers help to work together and defeat the evil Master Knights, who each have their own specialty. 

Campers should bring their sense of adventure and imagination to reign as victorious for this Quest!

Join us this summer! Crusade to Camelot: July 6 – 10th

Funny fairy marvels at cool dry ice smoke.

See you at camp!

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