About Us

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Pirate crew followed their treasure map to find real treasure.
A knight taps the squire with sword as he is knighted in the brotherhood.

Our Core Values


Display strength in the face of adversity and always try your best.


Always do what is right. Respect yourself, others, & the Earth.


Trust your intuition. Value imagination & play.

Benefits of One Week at Summer Quests Day Camp

Our Philosophy

Empowering young people to find their voice, try new things, and feel confident is the backbone of the Summer Quests Day Camp program.

Our Directors

Summer Quests Day Camp is owned and operated by a mother/daughter team who combined have more then fifteen years of summer camp and children’s event planning experience.

Joni is a professional Graphic Designer with many years of experience running themed events and camp programs, as well as recruitment and training programs for both girls and adults through the Girl Scout program.

Jessica is an Environmental Science graduate who has experience as a day camp Program Director, many summers as a camp counselor at the Althouse Arboretum and the Schuylkill Center, as well as an Environmental Program Director for a local community nature center.

Together we create a community at Summer Quests Day Camp that focuses on respect, creativity, teamwork, courage, and imagination.  `

Your camper has never experienced a day camp like ours!  

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